This is the most amazing condiment on the planet in my opinion! It’s so versatile. You can put it on anything! If you’re like me and trying to add more veggies into your diet–get this stuff! You’ll be eating more veggies in no time at all if you dip them in Majestic Garlic Paste.

Kayla L.

We bought three different Garlic dips at the Farmer’s Market, while in Escondido, California. They were positively DELICIOUS!

Franklin L.

Obviously, your product is unbelievable. Nutritious, natural, and delicious in any form. I just wanted to share that I used the sun dried tomato jalapeno version as pizza sauce on homemade pizza. It was magical! I recommend you recommend it!

Heidi N.

Absolutely the best products! I’ve learned to stock up on the hummus when I’m at the market because that stuff goes fast!

Amy C.

Bought this several months ago at Mother’s Market. Haven’t seen it since, but I just opened it this weekend and it was so delicious I was eating it with spoon. Please… I must get more….

Nanci K.

Please tell me where I can buy your garlic … I found it last Sunday at the hill crest farmer’s market but eat them too quickly…and it’ s only Monday … They are so good! I live in Encinitas California . Thank you for making such a delicious nutritious medicinal snack.

Juri Z.

First I would like to say the raw pickled garlic with cayenne is very good. I was wondering if it was for sale anywhere close to me? I live in Sterling Ct.. Over the holidays my aunt came over from CA and brought this with her. I would like to purchase some. I don’t have a credit card so i can’t order online.

Jessica B.

Thanks so much! By-the-way, I enjoy both the garlic spread and humus every day, which I purchase at the Temecula Farmers’ Market. You could say I’m addicted! As is my daughter, though she lives in Saratoga, CA, and cannot find your products there. She stocks up whenever she visits me. She says that once she had your humus, she could not eat any other! Both the humus and the garlic spread are amazing! Thanks for creating such healthy, delicious products. I will be ordering for my parents within the next two weeks.

Debby B.

Very good. Good Flavor.

Ralph Rea

Very delicious. Smooth and tasty. It can be used as is for a dip. You may also cook with it. I wasn’t very hungry when I tried it, but it opened my appetite. I ate too much!

Paris Abboud

I liked the taste very much. It has a good zing to it.

Harold Ellingson

Just tried your product today for the first time, and I am hooked! I purchased the dill flavor one and had it on whole wheat toast,and with veggies, and it was delish! I am sooo looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors too. Thank you for a great and unique product!

Aleks K.

Great taste, light, not too oily. I was pleased with its versatility.

Matt Luce

The flavor is perfect for those that love garlic. Just by tasting it you can imagine all the dishes you could add it to.

Richard Leigh

It was very strong, which is what most garlic lovers like. The citrus flavor added with the garlic gives it a special trick. Very tangy and delicious.

Shirley Hernandez

Very pleasant smell, not a strong odor – smooth and creamy.

Janet Garcia

The first time I tasted it, it was used in a chicken shawerma sandwich. I immediately fell in love with its creamy texture and excellent taste. What I loved best – no morning after garlic breath! 🙂

Shantal DerBoghosian

It only took one bite for me to know this was a different kind of product. I was impressed with its fresh taste and smooth texture. I love that you can eat Majestic [Garlic] alone or put it with other foods. This is a very diverse product.

Misty Rudy

The Best – it’s so fresh and so fine. You can’t stop because it tastes so good!

Patrick Perlas

Wow ! Absolutely great, my friend and I immediately purchased their product, I have been back each week to farmers market.

Kim Arball

Excellent, typically garlic that has been peeled or crushed, has oxidized and the taste is off. This product remains tasting fresh. It is an excellent alternative to high calorie butter & olive oil, as well as great as a swirl in to the soup. I would like to see this product in local natural food markets.

Patricia Dahan

Garlic Lovers Dream, With No Consequences Of Smelling Like It Later!! Great on Veggies, and Salad Dressings. Keep Up The Good Work, This One Is A Winner!!

Cindy Kelly

The flavors are unbelievable. I like every one I have tried. I use it on toast, baked or mashed potatoes, salad, sandwiches, fish, healthy dip for veggies. My high blood pressure is dropping since I started using Majestic Garlic about one month ago!

Pat Carr

I just wanted to thank you both Veni and Geni for making such a wonderful delicious product. If I was a garlic lover before I must be a garlic zealot now. I use Majestic Garlic on just about everything; toast & bagels, sandwiches, pasta, rice and even just as a dip. Since I first discovered it at the Farmers Market in Temecula, CA earlier this year I believe I have used Majestic Garlic in at least one meal of every day.

Chris Louden

I just met you both today and you guys were so friendly. I am a raw vegan and I found your garlic spread so versatile.-It really brings out the taste to many of my raw recipes:) Thank you soo much! 

Amber Leck

I just want to let you know how much I love your truly remarkable product. I love to cook with flavor and exotic spices and your product has given me both those aspects, I am hooked and every one that I have shared my new found ingredient has fallen in love as well. Thank you!

Rachel Hyatt

I just tried your product for the first time today and fell in love. Simply Fantabulous!

Bernadette Wesley

I love garlic….this product really makes me realize why I do. It is soo good, need to have one or more in my house at all times. Good job!!!!

Lisa Bleemers

If you see these people at a farmers market you are in for a treat! It comes in all sorts of fantastic flavors. My favorite is the Cayenne. Even Dracula would love this wonderful product.

Fred Harlow

This stuff is to die for! I eat it by the scoopful on naan flatbread. I have gone through 2 packs in 2 days. It was the only thing that had flavor while I had the flu. Good thing my nose was clogged!  

Heather Maltby

It was good and the taste was so great.

Bert Tan

I bought your product first at the farmers market in the Pacific Palisades and fell in love! It is the only staple we kept in the cooler on our road trip back to New York. Can’t wait to introduce it to the east coast!

Alexis Rubin