About Majestic Garlic


During their search for a signature and staple ingredient for their health café, Veni and Geni found a way to harness the synergy of garlic and enhance it by creating a garlic spread with such unique flavor and unprecedented texture, that it went from being a secret ingredient in their dishes, to a condiment in such high demand, that Majestic Garlic was born.

Whipped to perfection, creamy and smooth, Majestic Garlic spread is made from 100% USA organic fresh raw garlic, organic cold milled flaxseed, organic safflower oil, organic sea salt, and fresh lemon juice.

Majestic Garlic stands alone as a delicious, versatile and nutritious condiment, adding incredible flavor to the most simple of dishes, while harnessing the many health benefits of garlic.

As the incredible taste of Majestic Garlic quickly became the talk of the town, Veni and Geni decided to expand, using the same unique technique to develop the highest quality and best tasting hummus they could imagine.

Majestic Hummus is a raw and sprouted hummus unlike any other hummus on the market. Containing only sprouted, uncooked organic garbanzo beans, for superior nutrient absorption, and easier digestion, Majestic Hummus captures the delicious flavor of this authentic Mediterranean staple in such a way that it delights both hummus connoisseurs, and the health conscious.

Gently whipped to creamy perfection, Majestic Hummus is made from 100% USA organic fresh raw sprouted garbanzo beans, organic cold-pressed olive oil, organic safflower oil, organic cold milled flaxseed, organic garlic, organic sea salt, milled cumin, and fresh lemon juice.


Majestic Garlic Mission Statement


Our mission is to bring the best quality and tasteful Mediterranean dips forward to every home. Made with top quality ingredients: produced in the safest environment, and accompanied by excellent customer service. We guarantee nothing but the best for our valued customers. We take to heart that our customers know best and use it to exceed any expectations. Top quality, exceptional taste, excellent customer service, this is Majestic Garlic Inc.