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Green Olives Hummus

Creamy cheezy goodness, with every bite. A garlic bread lovers dream. Spread over a freshly toasted baguette.

Jalapeño Garlic

Garlic and Jalapeño? What more could a garlic lover ask for? Creamy garlic with just the right amount of heat, and subtle fresh jalapeño pepper flavor, is sure to add that little extra kick to your favorite dishes. Try adding it to freshly made guacamole, spreading it on your avocado toast, or using it as a healthy replacement for sour cream in your fajitas, and breakfast tacos.

Kalamata Olives Hummus

All the mouthwatering flavors of our kalamata olives hummus. Delicious used as a hearty spread for your favorite raw wraps, spread over toast, bagels, and used as a dip for chips, crackers, and veggies.

Kale Chia Hummus

All the mouthwatering flavors and nutrients of our original sprouted hummus, elevated with nutrient dense kale, and chia. Majestic Kale Chia hummus adds a unique texture and flavor to every bite. Perfect as a dip for chips and veggies, or spread over your favorite gluten-free crackers, or toast.

Olive Oil Jalapeño

100% Organic Virgin Oil Oil.  

Original Creamy Garlic

The classic garlic spread that started it all. Whipped to perfection, creamy and smooth, our raw garlic spread adds incredible garlic flavor to your favorite dishes. Whatever flavor you choose, use it as a healthy alternative to mayonnaise, or sour cream, in pasta dishes, and sauces, as a marinade, or as a dip. Delicious spread over toast, omelettes, or used to season your favorite breakfast burritos or tacos.


Original Hummus

The perfect blend of traditional flavors, with just a hint of cumin to create a hummus that is as silky as it is bright and rich. Whipped to perfection, the finished product is a hummus connoisseur‘s delight, made with organic sprouted garbanzo beans to maximize nutritional value and taste.

Original Olive Oil

100% Organic Virgin Oil Oil.  

Original Pickled Garlic

Bitingly fresh, buttery and bright, delicious tossed into stir fries, used in marinades and dressings, or grated and massaged into your favorite cuts of meat, or vegetables. A tasty snack for true garlic lovers, and packed with all of the nutrients from raw garlic