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Basil Garlic

Every Italian lovers dream. Creamy whipped garlic with delicious notes of fresh basil makes this garlic basil spread the perfect addition to your favorite Mediterranean inspired dishes. Add it to pastas, spread it over freshly toasted breads, and pita, or toss it with grilled vegetables. Majestic Garlic Basil spread makes a delicious addition to seared fish, and poultry. Especially delicious with grilled eggplant, and portabella mushrooms.

Beets Hummus

— Beets pack an incredible amount of essential nutrients and brighten this creamy sprouted hummus with subtle earthy, mildly sweet, and smooth flavors and texture. Delicious used as a spread on your favorite sandwiches, and as a dip for crackers and veggie crudités. Our Majestic Beet hummus is the perfect way to jazz up party platters, as the naturally vibrant color of the beets begs this hummus be dipped into.

Cayenne Creamy Garlic

Turn up the heat! What more could a spicy foods lover ask for? Creamy garlic with just the right amount of heat from cayenne spice, Majestic Garlic Cayenne spread is sure to add that little extra kick to your meal.

Cayenne Hummus

Turn up the heat! What more could spicy foods and hummus lover ask for? Creamy whipped garbanzos with just the right amount of heat from the cayenne spice, our Majestic Cayenne hummus is sure to add that extra kick to each bite. Try spreading it on your morning toast, using it on sandwiches, or adding it to any prepared dish that could use a little zing—  like fajitas, breakfast tacos, frittatas, hearty white fish, or your meat of choice.

Cayenne Pickled Garlic

Bitingly fresh, buttery and bright, delicious tossed into stir fries, used in marinades and dressings, or grated and massaged into your favorite cuts of meat, or vegetables. A tasty snack for true garlic lovers, and packed with all of the nutrients from raw garlic.

Chipotle Hummus

Smoky chipotle and creamy hummus make this combination an absolute favorite. Our Majestic Chipotle hummus adds a full bodied smokiness and heat to your favorite Southwestern dishes.

Ideal as a dip for chips and veggies, spread over toast, and used on your favorite sandwiches, pair with rice, pico de gallo, and avocado, breakfast tacos, and fajitas, when you are craving that Southwestern flavor.

Cilantro Garlic

Fresh herby flavors from cilantro makes this a classic favorite. Our Majestic Cilantro Garlic Spread compliments avocado toast beautifully, and is delicious paired with your favorite crackers, as a healthy dip for raw and cooked vegetables, or used as a creamy and delicious spread in your favorite tortilla wraps